La France, toujours menaçante contre l'unité transatlantique ?

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La revue américaine "The Space Review" vient de publier un article sur le Livre Blanc.
J'en tire cet extrait :
" Since Charles de Gaulle pulled France out of NATO’s military command structure, France has desired to lead a European defense organization that would push the US out of Europe. While Sarkozy has decided to reintegrate into the transatlantic alliance, this is, as Daniel Vernet wrote in Le Monde, “un geste sans importance.” [A meaningless gesture] In fact, the president and his government are continuing a long-standing strategy that owes more to the industrial ambitions of France’s military industry than to their supposed ambition to play a major role on the world stage.

The unspoken hope is that one day the US will leave or be kicked out of Europe, and that Europe’s governments will then panic and increase their defense spending from roughly two percent of GDP to something closer to four percent. When this happens French industry will be in a position to harvest the vast majority of these new procurement contracts. In preparation for this glorious day, France has continued a policy of developing and buying a little bit of everything, often alone and sometimes with other EU states, but never with the US. Its neighbors are content to develop their own specialist areas of excellence and to collaborate with each other and even with the Americans."

Cette analyse est intéressante. Un peu paranoïaque, bien sûr. Et teintée de French Bashing dont on nous disait qu'il avait disparu, depuis le nouveau cours.
Certains seront cruellement déçus, de voir le manque de reconnaissance devant les efforts fournis.

Bon, cela étant, c'est tellement outrancier....
Il reste qu' à l'heure où il faut bannir EADS du marché des ravitailleurs, tous les moyens sont bons.

Mais là, c'est moi qui deviens paranoïaque, certainement.

Olivier Kempf


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